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We learned to say “No” as a good way to protect ourselves from too much unwanted stuff, a great word, but is it really? One time, close to six years ago, a friend of mine put me up against the wall; not physically, but with a choice, a challenge, a dare, if you will!  Looking back, I have to say that saying “Yes” was one of the biggest blessings in my life; you see I’m the rational type, the plan all type, the…well I hate to admit it…logical type!

Please don’t judge me, I grew up in the age of scientific proof, planning for success, and alas a victim of my own rational-readiness!  So, when my friend said, “you must take this dog, I hate her, cant stand her, and if you don’t…”!  She showed up at my rented condo, with two dogs, blankets, diapers, leashes, and blinged out dog collars; when I asked her what all the bedding was for, she quipped “didn’t you hear my voice mail, I left you a message!”

So, you see the deal was I was to take this pug, who by all accounts from her very disgruntled previous owner had a “peeing problem”!  Therefore, it was my job to take this pug, to avert her from going to the pound, with these horror stories of her piddling everywhere, no one would probably  take her; and the rest is history!

I was working 50-60 hour weeks, so how rational was taking a dog, when I’m never home?!  I would have to give  about $600 pet fee & deposit combined (no way Jose), so therefore I told my friend, “I’ll take her” on the condition that when they came to inspect the condo (it was on the market to sell), she would have to come & pick pugie up just for the day.  With our agreement in place, the pug was put in my arms, and my company quickly departed, saying “see you later”, with a fast good-bye she was out the door!

So now it was me, and my piddling pug! Nice.  Wow, how was I going to manage, I didn’t know how, but I wasn’t going to let this  precious, beautiful creature be in a pound, just the thought makes me cringe. Horrible, indeed.  But as I have often said…. I’ve said something, but I really don’t want to use so many four letter words!  Blessings do come in disguises, for sure, that’s what I’ve said.  Thus began my relatiosnhip with one of the greatest luvs of my life; my pugie, best friend, constant companion, and rascal.

Getting up extra early to sit on the kitchen floor, and hand feed her, you see she too was upset with a new home, an owner she didn’t know but counted on, what was her life going to be like?  She refused to eat, except for my hand feeding her.  I had to be very caring with her, but also provide bounderies; she was nervous and afraid, but didn’t piddle once!  We took long walks on my days off, picked wild raspberries together, enjoying the wind, sun, and a few chases in the grass.  My neighborhood kids were going wild over this “Men In Black dog”, people would pass by, beep their horns and wave, usually accompanied by loud laughter!

By now my pugie had a name change, her name was duly noted as Ming-Ling, which I hoped would make her a mingler, a friendly social luving pet, that could hold it in!  I hadn’t relaized that in my effort to make my dog feel at home, I had over fed her, to a whopping 30 pounder, no wonder people beeped!  So next came the diet, no problem, her Vet was a quick jog away.  Sure she has some habits that I really don’t care for, but don’t we all eat a little shit some times?!

I say that Ming-Ling rescued me, I didn’t rescue her!  I needed her, more than she needed me, because in the world of stop & go, we neglect to hug, take a moment to really luv, and slow down enough to look at the clouds going by.  In awe by the intelligence of Ming-Ling, I have learned that she too is a valuable contributor to my life, that of my family, certainly neighbors, and friends.  Ming-Ling brings a smile to all who meet her, so much so that I thought of training her as a therapy dog.

Some things don’t make sense, nor have rationale, yet  it is the right thing to do; in that light we are all blessed, and become one!

Special Note To My Readers:

Please look for examples in your own life where something negative, could become your biggest blessing, or one for others.  I’ll give you a very small one, when I get unfollowed on twitter, I put the unfollower on one of my lists, where they could benefit, if not there already.  Perhaps I was unfollowed for various reasons, none of which have to do with me; but I want to keep that energy moving, creating more energy in a positive way.  Now don’t go unfollowing me, & yes I will list all my followers, it just takes time!  Luv & Light xo

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